Friday, December 28, 2012

my very special day!

hola.. well as we all know.. or just me 27th December was remarked as a very special day for this little girl who is goin' to explore her life in various ways. its my BIRThDay! i woke up as usual. its not what we call the 'big day' but yeah i do feel old rite now :3 i got less wishes from the previous year i guess but our birthday is not about how many wishes or present that u get but its all about how u appreciate life that He gave u. even i felt sad because one of my besties didnt wish me at all but its already ended. i just had a small celebration with my family , bought cake and food. of course in the night lah because my dad worked in the morning. so after that i bought kfc for my friends , having kfc in with a picnic theme celebration under the dark skies. haha ^^ so we laugh and yeah i do feel im getting older now and need to be more mature .. No playing! life is getting serious.. haha, so happy birthday to me ! * i did snap some photo but it takes ages to upload it so next time la. very sleepy, nite :3

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